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Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

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All of our horses are available for adoption and sponsorship. Please call us on adoption prices and current assessments of any horse you might be interested in. Our adoption fees range from $250 - $1,000 depending on the training level of each horse. Due to the sheer amount of horses at our ranch it is hard for us to keep our website current and all of the horse assessments up to date. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

Lupita, DOB 2011

 Cute palomino mare that is a real character. She can be a challenge to catch but that is more about the game. Halter broke.

Isabeau, DOB 2002

A gorgeous dark chestnut mare, blind in her left eye, but deals with that very well. She has beautiful confirmation and is built like a foundation QH with a gorgeous head. She can be difficult to catch, but is halter trained.

Cinnamon, DOB 2007

 Chestnut mare. Her confirmation suggest she would be a rugged mountain horse once broke to ride. Still has some trust issues, difficult to catch. She is halter trained and has had some round pen work in past.

Maggie, DOB 2004

A big, stout, blood bay mare   who appears to be a solid appaloosa mare. She is halter trained, she loads and ties. We are still evaluating her further.

Nikki, DOB 2006

 Nikki is a TB type sorrel mare. She is halter trained and loads. She is currently not available for adoption as she still needs to gain weight. She arrived at THS in October of 2014 severely malnourished.

Paco, DOB 1995

Paco is a shorter but extra stout, dark brown gelding.  He came to THS through the NMLB.  He is obviously an easy keeper, is halter trained, easily loads into a trailer and is very friendly.

Ken N. is my sponsor!

Black Rose - DOB 2001

A 2014 Gimme Shelter mare, who stayed for longer training and received lots of handling. You can handle all 4 feet, saddle and do groundwork with her. This former PMU  appaloosa mare still needs lots of desensitizing.

Tessa - DOB 2007

A mare that came in with a terrible injury to her hock. She has made a full recovery and is being ridden. At 15.3 this big mare likes to be ridden in arenas, and is learning about trail riding. Will need an intermediate rider.

Shoteka - DOB 2004

A pretty, dark brown Navajo mare. She is not very tall but very stout. She would be very capable of carrying an adult rider. 14.1 hh pony who has be added into the starting program. 11 years old, is good with all 4 feet, saddling, and groundwork.

Nola - DOB 2006

A big Thoroughbred type bay mare that is halter trained. Has had extensive groundwork. Has been started under saddle. Nola has lots of years ahead of her. Her front right turns out from the knee, but is sound and she doesn't seem bothered by it. 

Sabine- DOB 2011

Sabine was part of a seizure by NMLB in Nacias. She is very friendly and is in our volunteer ground work classes and enjoys her training. She is halter broke, loads, stands for vet and farrier.

Wanda- DOB 2001

A dark brown/black mare who arrived through NMLB from the Espanola area severely emaciated.

She is halter trained and very kind.

Tate- DOB 2009

A BLM mustang, this bay gelding came in as a neglect case. He is easy to get along with, good to vet and trailer. Tate is halter trained and will be started under saddle once at full weight.

Bailey, DOB 2009

Bailey is a pretty pinto mare who was an estray in the Chimayo area. She is halter trained and easy to vet, likes attention and is very personable. Bailey is due to foal and not available for adoption at this time.

Penny- DOB 2011

Penny is a sorrel QH type mare that we received through Animal control/NMLB. She is very friendly and halter trained. She has some medical issues that we are currently evaluating.

Not available for adoption at this time.

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Suracha, DOB 2012

A bald faced pinto mare. Suracha came from the Edgewood area. She is a cribber and very easy to handle. She has had a limited amount of training under saddle.

Truman, DOB 2011

 A sorrel gelding who is halter trained, friendly and loaded easily into the trailer.

Treasure, DOB 2011

A pinto mare who is halter trained and loaded easily into the trailer. She can be a bit nervous and standoffish.

Kat, DOB 2010

 A big bay mare who is not very trusting at this time.

Chivas - DOB 2007

A 15.1 hh sorrel mare with a sweet disposition. She is very well trained under saddle for any level of rider. Chivas is currently resting due to lameness issues. We will re-evaluate her in coming months.

Hobbs- DOB 2001

A grade bay gelding, that was received as a stallion through Bernalillo Animal Control. He is halter trained. Hobbs is not very tall, but stout for his sized. He is currently being evaluated.

Dalton - DOB 2000

Is a big sorrel gelding who loads easily and is halter trained. Dalton loves attention and is currently being evaluated for ridability.

Augustus - DOB 2012

Is a beautiful blue roan gelding, who arrived as stallion through the NMLB. He is halter trained and loads easily. He is a very well balanced horse and by his behavior it seems he had been used as a breeding stallion.

Koda - DOB 2013

Is a blood bay gelding who was rescued of Santo Domingo Pueblo. Koda looks like he will be a shorter but stock built horse once he is up to weight. He is still in rehabilitation.